omg!! no i’ve never gotten that, but i looked her up and i do kinda look like her, excpet for our noses. thanks for pointing that out, ive never had a doppelganger


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this is totally out of the blue but has anyone ever told you that you look like a cute, healthy version of the vampire girl in “let the right one in” ??? she’s a total badass

today I went to le mall for a job interview at au bon pain. the mall is p high end so I spent some quality time w myself and tried on cute clothes from all diff stores.
considering buying the second outfit bc all of the pieces are super versatile and cute!!

everything here is from h&m, message me if u want links to anything
oh except for the necklace which I picked up from j crew!

Yesterday I went to Ikea for some new room decor. This outfit was perfect to combat the harsh store AC, and for the humid weather outside.

Cropped Sweater - H&M

Shorts - Vintage

Sandals - DSW (Report brand)

Necklace - Etsy

Bracelets (top to bottom) - Alex and Ani
- Francesca’s
- Vintage
Sunglasses - H&M

Bag - Topshop

I was just trying to take a pic of this very cool outfit I really liked when this fucking wind decided that’s not gonna happen..

Outfit details
Shoes- blundstone
Skirt- from festival called clear water
Crop top- BETTER B.
bag- idk

A nice quite and peaceful Shabbat with my mom at home.

A nice break from the news and all the deaths we hear about from both sides daily hear in Israel.

Volunteered with my friend today. We helped people less fortunate than ourselves, it was great.

Dress - Cotton On

Kimono - H&M

Necklace - UO

Bracelets - Alex and Ani & Vintage

Booties - Steve Madden

I have a pleated tennis skirt from American Apparel that is kinda stiff and uncomfy but I love this one that I thrifted bc it’s slightly stretchy and super comfortable!!

shirt- forever 21
skirt- udelco
shoes- urban outfitters
necklace- cape cod boutique

one of my fave outfits!! I love the midi skirt look and was excited to find one at a church thrift store.

crop top- American apparel
skirt- thrifted
shoes- Birkenstocks
necklace- cape cod boutique

outfit número dos, this was a long dress that I cut and hemmed. I’m really digging the whole babydoll dress thing, feels like wearing a sack.
also sorry my hair looks like shit

dress- thrifted
bra- forever 21
shoes- Birkenstocks
necklace- from music festival

I recently came home from cape cod where I did a lot of thrifting, and when I got home I went to this giant warehouse called udelco that sells giants boxes of vintage clothing and got some new stuff too! so I’m going to post some outfits I put together with the new stuff!!

I got these overalls from udelco, they’re with my new Birkenstocks but I’d probably wear them with my lavender converse.

shirt- forever 21
overalls- udelco
headband- American apparel
shoes- Birkenstocks